Green Solutions & Projects (WIP)

Meeting Demands for Renewable Energy

We are committed to renewable energy production both from wind and solar.

Hydrogen Fuel Production

Commercial League continues to advance a range of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet sufficiently the growing demand for clean energy. Our chief focus associated with energy use is the production of “green” hydrogen fuel from renewable energy.

Cardiac Care for Bulgarian Patients

Commercial League is at the forefront of the fight against cardiovascular disease – the number one killer in the world today. Our partner in the field of cardiology, the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute, is a leading institution in cardiac care in South Eastern Europe.

The Bulgarian Cardiac Institute’s successful healthcare and business model is built around an organic compound of 12 outpatient centers for specialized care and four modern cardiac hospitals in major Bulgarian cities – Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Varna, Yambol and Burgas. In addition, we maintain a fleet of 19 fully equipped ambulances to secure the timely life-saving transfer of acute patients for interventional treatment. BCI’s team of 125 physicians and 376 medical nurses is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment and preserving the life of cardiovascular patients in Bulgaria.

The trend is towards increasing the number of hospitals in order to provide patients with wider access and better care. The hospitals have been accredited as per the European Society of Cardiology standards for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. They work in close cooperation with distinguished professors from Bulgaria, France, Italy, the Czech Republic and the USA.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

As the marketing and pharmaceutical manufacturing arm of Commercial League Healthcare Group, Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc. has a wide reach and a long-lasting expertise in the development and manufacturing of high-quality generic and in-licensed medicines with a proven cost-effectiveness ratio.

Tchaikapharma’s success is built on true respect for the patient and a lasting bond with physicians. We are widely accepted as a trusted partner of Bulgarian physicians specializing in both generic and in-licensed manufacturing, with a current offering of approximately 100 molecules.

Tchaikapharma’s vision is one of a leading regional manufacturer. What sets us apart is our quality and modernity. We add value with our sustainable quality expertise, rigorous implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and broad disease awareness campaigns. We are committed to providing the most advanced molecules at affordable prices.

Pharmaceutical In-licensing

In-licensing of pharmaceuticals for manufacturing or for commercialization in a given territory of Europe, or both, takes away a large part of the risks associated with the return on investment in cost containment process under way.

CL Sourcing Company AG was established in 2000, in the City of Zug, Switzerland. Location was carefully picked to be in the heart of Europe – important advantage for the company research and business activities with a number of international partners from around the world.

Core organizational activities of CL Sourcing Co AG today are as follows:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Care (The US CardiacCare Europe® Program)
  • R&D in the nanotechnology applications within oncology for the eradication of cancer
  • Pharmaceuticals in-licensing and Generic medicine manufacturing and commercialization
  • Asset management and Financial services including insurance and reinsurance contract facilitation
Cardiac Care for International Patients

We provide the full spectrum of care for cardiac patients by working with proven specialists from across Europe, including from France, Italy, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Cardiac Care Europe is a Pan-European initiative inspired by Jean-Pierre Bassand, the president of the European Society of Cardiology from 2002-2004 and executed by a Swiss Company, CL Sourcing AG.

We offer customized retirement solutions at exquisite locations supported by first-class medical assistance as needed.

We believe in the integration of healthcare, which focuses on the individual, not the institution, so we create tailored patient programs in collaboration with employers, insurers and individual patients and their families.

Wholesale and distribution solutions

Commercial League seeks to provide Bulgarian citizens with a wide range of quality pharmaceuticals. As a full-line distributor we work with almost all registered pharmaceuticals in the country.

Commercial League supplies many pharmacies and further supports them in the maintenance of their e-business, product and market awareness, or financial reporting.

Since 1991, Commercial League has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market and is able to assist foreign companies, especially manufacturers of patented pharmaceuticals and biotech products, with market entry, adverse drug interactions testing and off-label use, in establishing long-term goodwill and increasing sales of their product.

Through an integrated inventory management system, fast turnover of stock, and reliable logistics infrastructure and information collection, we are able to offer delivery with a frequency of two to three times per day. Lately this has transpired to be unwarranted from an economic point of view.

We have the capacity to store a one-month worth of sales throughout the country and we can deliver orders to any pharmacy in Bulgaria within 12 hours.

With the unique installation for automated order picking implemented in 1997, an electronic pick-by-light product control system, inventory management software, CRM and flexible logistic system we ensure rapid and safe supply directly to pharmacies nationwide.

Insurance Solutions

DallBogg’s core competence to support families, people and companies in the design and building of cost-effective insurance programmes is renowned across home Bulgaria and beyond. Meeting precisely and prudently the unmet insurance needs of our customers often through the quality services of the contracted insurance brokers and loss adjusters is our core mission.

Employing an innovative marketing strategy, in 2015 DallBogg multiplied its sales of Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance (MTPL) 12 times in Bulgarian market and ranked #9 insurer same year – in2018, ranked #4 insurer
•In 2016 DallBogg successfully launched its MTPL business activity under the freedom to provide services (FOS) in the neighboring countries of Greece and by end of 2018, in Romania and Italy.
•Since 2018 DallBogg is an honorary member of the French Insurance Federation (FFA)
Linear cost-efficient and agile structure: with a taste for digital solutions
•Flexible and customized production model and stringent claims handling under irrevocable in-house control: Big Data and Cloud Computing lowering costs and upping productivity
•With meticulous client service, DallBogg is one of the most recognizable brands in the Balkans & Europe
•Advanced Asset Management: record high results with Europe and the US focus (see below)
•Trusted among Investors from Europe, North America and Asia: to secure further growth in 10 non-life insurance classes in 17 EU Member-States, we put investors needs above our own
•Record capital adequacy of 131% established by renowned international auditors