Success Stories

Investor interest is unusually high:


“A diamond in the rough,” exclaimed a London investment banker recently.


In an environment of diminishing appetite for risk, Commercial League has become a very attractive choice for fixed-income investors. As a home-grown innovative healthcare company with a worldwide recognition and operating in a stable EU member – Bulgaria, the company is poised to consolidate its leading place on the market. The convergence of three megatrends make this a solid prediction: 1) drastically aging population, 2) a shift to more accessible drugs and specialized care, and 3) the new focus on patient mobility when choosing healthcare and information.


With the Eurozone crisis worsening, investor interest in Commercial League is growing. Minority investors from Asia, Northern Europe and the United States are attracted by the company’s stability and market leadership. As a privately held company, Commercial League is free of the financial markets tyranny, and in particular of the requirement for quarterly financial reporting. Commercial cycles never coincide with the calendar.

International Memberships

World Economic Forum


Commercial League has been a member of the World Economic Forum since 2005 and is the only Bulgarian company to be invited to the forum.


Clinton Global Initiative


We have been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative held in New York since 2006.


Ambrosetti European House Leadership Workshop


The company has been invited to participate in the Leadership Workshop since 2008.

Others About Us

Commercial League has been widely acclaimed by the foreign media. See below reviews about the company:

2002  Forbes Magazine – Special 85th Anniversary Issue

2002  New York Times

2005  Financial Times

2005  New Europe Newspaper

2009  International Herald Tribune