Commercial League firmly believes in giving back to the people and communities. We have been extremely fortunate to be in the position we are today and that position comes with a lot of responsibility in helping the less fortunate.

Supporting foster and elderly care

It is an annual tradition for Commercial League to support the foster care system in different ways. We have made numerous monetary donations to various foster homes, we have provided basics such as clothing and shoes and we have also organized many recreational events in an effort to bring smiles to kids’ faces.


We have used our main speciality, healthcare, to assist foster and elderly care centers for improving the people’ health. Commercial League have donated many medications and have provided medical services to these establishments. Over the years, Commercial League also supported the Bulgarian Christmas (an annual campaign organized with the full support of the President of the Republic), which aims to improve the care offerred to children with serious and rare diseases.

Health Campaigns

Commercial League is highly devoted to organizing various nationwide campaigns in pursuit of raising the awareness in the fight against cardiovascular diseases (the leading cause of death worldwide) and diabetes. As part of these we have provided free exams by some of the best professionals in Bulgaria, mobile teams of doctors visiting less populated areas that have limited access to quality healthcare and specialized information leaflets.

Supporting the Bulgarian medical science

Together with the Bulgarian Medical Association, European Society of Cardiology, the University Hospitals in Prague, Brno, Milan and the American Mayo and Cleveland Clinic since the beginning of 2007 until now we have organized more than 40 thematic lectures with the theme being “How to practice medicine in new Europe”. The participants numbered more than 30 000 doctors from various fields.

Some of Commercial League’s initiatives during the years:

2000 / ongoing

Regular, annual donations of medications to numerous medical establishments in Bulgaria.


Donation of anti-diabetic medications on the World day for fighting diabetes  to the children’s endocrinology hospital in Sofia and to the Diabetes 2000 association.


Six-months national campaign for control of diabetes, where we provided free testing of the glycated hemoglobin to 28 763 people suffering from diabetes.


Mutual initiative with “Trud” newspaper for donating medications to foster care establishments.

2006 / 2007

Making donations to the Bulgarian Christmas initiative.


Donating medications to the people injured during the devastating floods in South Bulgaria including many towns and villages.


Donating medications and free cardiac consultations to 3000  socially disadvantaged pensioners on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary from the declaration of independence of Bulgaria.


National campaign for a better control of diabetes and hypertension. Free of charge testing of blood pressure and consultation with a specialist in some of the major Bulgarian cities.


Testing the levels of natriuretic peptide of more than 2000 patients across the country.


Donating medications for maintaining therapies and treating socially disadvantaged people and people in elderly care.


Open door days initiative by all of our hospitals and medical centers across the country for consulting patients with cardiovascular diseases by cardiologists for a better access to specialized medical care


Regular, annual donations of medications to numerous medical establishments in Bulgaria.

2013 / 2015

Donations to the foster home in Dolna Banya, Bulgaria, organized by the employees of Commercial League.


Organizing campaigns aiming to increase society’s awareness to the prevention and control of the cardiovascular diseases through media pieces during the prime time of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).


Making donations to the Bulgarian Christmas initiative.

2018 / 2019

12,592 patients from 73 municipalities across Bulgaria will be examined during the national program „Cardiac care for long and fulfilling life“. The initiative was extended due to the vast interest from the patients. Over 150 cardiologists performed the examinations.