Our Business Model

Commercial League Healthcare and Insurance Group is a rare champion grown in the harsh conditions of the Bulgarian transition from command economy to a free market. The company’s success is the result of organic growth, modern knowledge and hard work. Transforming the healthcare system from the ground up and accelerating the national economy was clearly our purpose from the outset. Patient and client satisfaction and physician’s excitement from the integrated healthcare deliveries and modern insurance solutions endorsed Commercial League concept like no analyst ever does. We never participated in M&A or industry clustering as one end of cooperation scale and adopted the very collaborative other end of winning through outsourcing, licensing and divestiture. Many partners, particularly from the multinational Pharma companies, benefit this way big way.

We have never privatized any state pharmacy enterprise or pharmaceutical plant.

Our innovative model of transforming healthcare by improved quality and expanded access ranges from complex generic drug supply to minimal invasive surgery; from reining in costs by processing electronic medical records to employing AI in diagnostics and critical decisions. The group’s business model rests on closely connected in functional integration companies that are always ready for an open race in the marketplace. This model has been evaluated very early as the most innovative and visionary throughout Eastern Europe by independent analysts (click here) and recently in the European insurance industry (click here)

Commercial League’s unique, success–driven, collaborative and inclusive culture is often described as ‘ideas festival in relentless eruption’. Strong multinational and multilingual corporate culture, with no gender pay gap, on an all-inclusive workplace was always essential for our global success. Our employees, 99% with a university degree, feel respected and truly valued. Ever since the first company founded, Commercial League National Pharma Center Inc, or Commercial League Global Pharma Center now, to the present day with offices from Singapore to Zürich and Boston, the group thrived on attracting talent and deeply embedded loyalty of its employees. The last 28 years have provided unequivocal evidence ‘why & how’ an intrinsically valuable resource is our people – with their endless qualification upgrades and re-skilling efforts. Big Pharma as well as the communities we are operating in are all thrilled from our winning strategy and constant turning of purpose into performance. Timely delivery in the market research and healthcare publications, intelligence capabilities and large investments, or setting out public healthcare and insurance debate, all is chiefly a product of purpose-driven varied teams of visionary experts and managers.

Commercial League has conducted numerous successful market penetration campaigns, modernized the Bulgarian and the Balkans pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical supply and distribution and is an important partner for the state and the public funds (National Health Insurance Fund, State Reserve) in healthcare development and reform. As a major investor in large-scale projects for upgrading the sector’s infrastructure and general access to modern healthcare, Commercial League has been an instrumental force for change in the periphery of Europe – the only growth engine of the union.

Our Values

Health and well-being for everyone is our first priority; Respect and honesty towards the individuals, […]

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Poised for Growth

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The Other Group Companies

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