Our Business Model

Commercial League Healthcare Group is a group of healthcare companies, the first of which, the wide-reaching pharmaceutical distribution company Commercial League, was founded in 1991.

Today, the group represents a functionally integrated conglomerate of companies and holdings with a robust network and value chain. Commercial League Healthcare Group is a rare champion grown in the harsh conditions of the Bulgarian transition from command economy to a free market. The company’s success is the result of organic growth, modern knowledge and hard work. We have never privatized any state pharmacy enterprise or pharmaceutical plant.

An Innovative Model

The company’s business model has been evaluated as the most innovative model in the country as well as throughout Eastern Europe by numerous independent analysts (http://comleague.com/files/new/Marketing_in_CEE.pdf) (http://comleague.com/files/new/Forbes_Eng.jpg).

The functional group is not a legal entity of its own. It is comprised of closely connected companies, each of which is a market leader or expected to soon become the market leader in its respective sub-sector of Bulgarian and international healthcare.

Commercial League

The first company founded, Commercial League National Pharma Center Inc, or Commercial League, is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Bulgaria which in the last 20 years has provided valuable resources in the form of market research and intelligence and healthcare publications, and established public healthcare debate.

Commercial League has conducted numerous successful market penetration campaigns, modernized the Bulgarian pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical supply and distribution and is an important partner for the state and the public funds (National Health Insurance Fund, State Reserve) in healthcare development and reform.

As a major investor in large-scale projects for improvement in the sector’s infrastructure and general access to modern healthcare, Commercial League has been an instrumental force for change in Bulgarian healthcare. For many years, the company has also been an interest-free creditor to Bulgarian state hospitals.

Our Values

Health and well-being for everyone is our first priority; Respect and honesty towards the individuals, […]

Our Vision

Our vision is constant innovation and quality in healthcare. As a leading network of healthcare […]

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health for everyone by creating equal access to quality healthcare […]

Poised for Growth

In less than two decades, our business model has been working to make the companies […]

The Other Group Companies

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