Industry Knowledge

A distribution organization is a basic structural unit in pharmaceutical wholesaling which establishes the vital link between the manufacturers and the end consumer – the patient, through the institution of the retail pharmacy.

After 20 years on the market, Commercial League has managed to achieve a stable position in drug distribution and become the leader in Bulgaria by a number of indices – be it medicines nomenclature (the list of the products that Commercial League distributes), sales volume, market share (hospital and retail pharmacies), the number of warehouses across the country, or number of trained employees.

The company has built an image as a reliable market researcher and partner of many multinationals and other vendors from around the world.

Pharmaceutical supply and distribution is a sector of the Bulgarian economy completely free of state capital investment. It is subject to strict regulation and constant monitoring because of the crucial values it serves and its significance for modern society. This sector has been well developed and very competitive for the past two decades. Click here to download a pdf file for examples.

Modern concept for the sector and historical overview: June 2010

The stability of supply and distribution channels for medications is critical to ensuring accessibility, safety […]