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About us

Commercial League Healthcare & Insurance Group is the undisputed leader in the Bulgarian and the Balkans’ healthcare. We expand in Europe and appear as an aspiring European insurer with robust growth prospects. No other company can measure up to the size, integrity, speed of development or expertise complexity that Commercial League has achieved through its unique combination of services, sales, healthcare communication and global distribution, insurance solutions and products. Chronologically, the milestones of our growth and capacity,  see into  Corporate History. In light of our long way of continued growth and unwavering excellence, perhaps it is not surprising that none of Commercial League’s European competitors have been entrusted with as many successful market research and medical technology studies and intelligence rounds, product promotion and marketing contracts by multinational pharmaceutical companies, colloquially known as Big Pharma.

Commercial League either was at one point, or currently is the leader in several therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous system disorders, oncology and diabetes. Our record can be used as a blueprint for recovering economic growth amidst a global economic crisis and during the deepest depression in Bulgarian economic history against hard-handed bureaucracy. Commercial League has shown and will continue to demonstrate how to transform healthcare from a burden on the taxpayers to a modern industry in the time of digital revolution.

One known reason why Commercial League is a leader in the pharmaceutical sales industry is that our business and stable supply chain model is constantly evolving. Commercial League is particularly responsive to innovation and changes in the applicable legislation. It operates in accordance with ISO guidelines, and has applied GDP (good distribution practice) standard since the mid-1990s.

Commercial League is recognized as the only Bulgarian participant in and Senior Member of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland (over 15 years) and featured as a Balkan success story in many international publications and business rankings (click here).

Industry Knowledge

A distribution organization is a basic structural unit in pharmaceutical export, import and individual market […]

Our Business Model

Commercial League Healthcare and Insurance Group is a rare champion grown in the harsh conditions […]

Corporate Governance

The company has a two-tier governance structure comprised of a Management Board and Supervisory Board. […]

Corporate history

International lawyer Tihomir D Kamenov founded Commercial League National Pharma Center in 1991. Twenty-eight years […]