• How can I improve my health?

    How can I improve my health?


    Turning to the right people at the right time saves time and money. Commercial League is a vertically integrated healthcare delivery organization, which attends to all your health needs. [To learn more look out our solutions for patients.]

  • How can I get quality medicines for my family?

    How can I get quality medicines for my family?


    Commercial League (CL) is devoted to providing individuals and families with a wide range of affordable quality pharmaceuticals. We work with almost all registered pharmaceuticals in the country, supplying pharmacies both with patented pharmaceuticals manufactured by large multinationals and with generic ones manufactured by CL’s subsidiary, Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc. [read more…]

  • How does the healthcare system work?

    How does the healthcare system work?


    You may know you have a personal GP and an insurance card, here is what is behind the current Bulgarian healthcare system and how it can be improved. [read more…]


Commercial League Healthcare Group is a group of healthcare companies, the first of which, the wide-reaching pharmaceutical distribution company Commercial League, was founded in 1991. Today, the group represents a functionally integrated conglomerate of companies and holdings with a robust network and value chain.  As a leading network of healthcare companies, we use our strategic capabilities and sound ethics to serve every patient by providing high quality healthcare products and services to prolong and improve patients’ lives.