Tihomir Kamenov on his success in BTV national media “I work 26 hours a day, the realization of your ideas is your money’s worth”

The only Bulgarian who has been able to call himself successful entrepreneur  recently discussed why it is so important to be responsible when it comes to finance.

In a candid interview he stated that having business that encompasses great part of Bulgarian pharmaceutical market has led to lots of responsibilities worldwide.

His recent participation in the World Economic Forum and his close relations with leading world leaders has given Mr.Kamenov another perspective of world economy. He gladly shared his thoughts on how our country has been managing its place in world of trade and changing political models.

Even abroad he has been working for the prosperity of his own country.

Bulgaria  has become extremely appealing business destination in recent years and Mr.Kamenov further discussed that by pointing  out that  he himself managed to set up  a major company  20 years ago. However there have been many difficulties on the road and it took him a while to establish good reputation. Another important point was that people in Bulgaria have not been able to fulfill their business goals properly.

He took pride in the fact that Commercial League employees are highly-educated people as himself. Commercial League started out as a really small business venture, eventually turning into the greatest pharmaceutical  supplier in Bulgaria. Mr.Kamenov also stated that being rich in Bulgaria puts heavy burden on people who work hard to be successful.

Mr.Kamenov continued by saying that Bulgaria could use far better its potential in becoming more prosperous. He personally contributed by keeping his business national asset and by building modern hospitals. Mr.Kamenov expressed his desire to continue discussing the topic in near future.

You can find full interview with Tihomir Kameov here (available in Bulgarian)