The question is why world leaders did not act in the pandemic as in a war

Interview by Diana Yankulova with Tihomir Kamenov in the ”Sunday 150″ show

“You cannot negotiate or come into an agreement with this virus. Everyone agrees that the pandemic is a war. The question is why the world’s leaders did not act like in a war. Only China did.” This was said to BNR by the businessman Tihomir Kamenov, an investor in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, who took part in the “Sunday 150” show from Zurich.

According to him, the fact that no modern world political leader has lived in times of war is a valid explanation and an answer to this question.

“The best solution is not to close businesses but prevention with medications, until we get vaccinated. After that, the mechanical measures should continue” according to him and gives the example of China, where “people were locked in their homes, the army was delivering food and mass prevention with hydroxychloroquine was carried out”.

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