The government approved infrastructure financing in connection with the new Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in Burgas

The Ministry of Economy will provide the Municipality of Burgas with funds for the construction of a new 500 m long street in the North Industrial Zone. This is a result of the governmental decision to approve the financing of public municipal infrastructure under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA). The infrastructure is being constructed in connection with the implementation of the investment project “Construction of the Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence” certified under the IPA.

Earlier this year, Commercial League – Global Pharma Center, was granted the class “A” investments certificate for the construction of the new state-of-the-art hospital in Burgas. The development and realization of the project is awarded to the Architectural and Construction Bureau Helvetia. The project was praised personally by the Vice-minister of Economics at the special ceremony.

The construction of the new street will significantly improve the transport service of the area as it will provide a direct entrance/exit from and to the main road I-6 Sofia-Burgas. This will stimulate future investment in this area, while easing the traffic entering through the city’s entrance roundabout, which is the main connection of transit traffic to the South Black Sea coast and the Turkish border. The construction of the infrastructure will increase the quality of transport communications, improve transport services, and lead to favourable conditions for business development. The newly constructed infrastructure will be owned by the Municipality of Burgas.