The Clinton Global Initiative is back

One of the founding members and an active participant is Tihomir Kamenov

President Clinton’s Global Initiative was launched in 2005. Among the founding members is Tihomir Kamenov, Chairman of Commercial League Healthcare, Insurance and Pension Group, who received a personal invitation to join leading business organizations, heads of state, Nobel Laureates and NGO leaders. To date, members of the initiative have implemented more than 3,700 projects that have changed the lives of more than 435 million people in more than 180 countries.

Today, for the first time since 2016, the Global Initiative will bring together more than 1,000 participants in New York City. Among the topics to be discussed are refugee crises, climate change, equal access to health care, economic growth and more. Among the leading names are Dr. Tedros Gebreyesus – WHO, Eric Adams – Mayor of New York, Malala Yousafzai – Nobel Laureate, Governors, Ministers, Secretaries of State, academics and celebrities.