The Chairman of Commercial League Group participates in the 45th Edition of Ambrosetti (The European House – Ambrosetti) Forum.

The 45th Edition of the Ambrosetti (The European House – Ambrosetti) Forum opens today in Italy. Every year, since 1975, this prestigious international event brings together many Heads of State and Government, senior representatives of the European institutions, ministers, Nobel Prize winners, businessmen, managers and experts from around the world.

It discusses current issues related to the world economy and society in general. There will be many discussions within three days. Traditionally, the first day is devoted to economic, geopolitical and scientific technical topics. The focus of the second day is on Europe and the European Union’s most up-to-date topics and challenges. The Third Day of the Forum is devoted to Italy with the participation of Italian officials and leading figures from the world of business and finance.

This year’s speakers include the Prime Minister of Italy (Giuseppe Conte), Senator Hillary Clinton, the Ministers of Finance of France (Bruno le Mer) and Portugal (Mario Senteno), Alexis Tsipras, Romano Prodi and many other representatives of business and science in Europe and the world.

At the special invitation of Ambrosetti Club, the Chairman of Commercial League Group – Tihomir Kamenov will also take part.