“The Bulgarian capital market is small, but stable,” – said Chairman Kamenov live from the World Economic Forum in Davos

The interest in investing in Bulgaria, unfortunately, is not very big, but it is one of my personal missions to change this, stressed Kamenov

In an interview with Bloomberg Bulgaria, the Chairman of Commercial League Tihomir Kamenov said that the Forum has one unique advantage – the spirit of Davos. This is a place for discussing development concepts and creating invaluable informal connections. It is therefore important the country’s Prime Minister to attend, no matter who he/she is, then the level of discussions will be high and much can be achieved for the country. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet.

“The participation of Bulgaria is beneficial to the national economy – it is important for our place in the world, for our full integration into the EU, for understanding the new challenges and threats, and mostly – for the people in Bulgaria – because my work as well is mainly in the sector of health and saving people’s lives”, further commented Kamenov.

Currently, programs for digitalisation of different sectors are running – this is one of the major tasks for Europe. Another big task is the programs that are being created now. According to Kamenov, it is essential to increase productivity and competitiveness. “There should be support, if you like – public praise for the Bulgarian entrepreneurs, from which new jobs and development are expected.”

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