Spreaders of fake news and rumors with political intrigue on the site Clinica.bg, owned by Dechko and Ivan Kolev, go on trial

The commentator Maria Chipileva published on the site Clinica.bg (on 21.09.22 at 11:17) , without permission, documents of  Commercial League, which she obtained illegally, and spread fake news and rumors with a large-scale political intrigue before the elections in order to damage the reputation and cause the suspension of the new projects of ‘Heart and Brain’. The media is owned by Dechko and Ivan Kolev, who also own the Trakia Hospital in Stara Zagora. Chipileva’s allegations and accusations are unfounded, fabricated, stupid and are intended to hinder quality competition with the old hospital in Stara Zagora. They are a flagrant violation of the law and warrant criminal and full financial liability for their authors and owners. […]

The full position is available here in Bulgarian.