‘Mama and I’ will ensure advanced medical care for all children, support transition to stability and modern development

Special congratulations to caretaker Minister Dr. Asen Medzhidiev and all the sensible and competent lawyers, doctors and public figures for their restrained and positive initial positions on the great need for the ‘Mom and I’ project in Sofia and its perfect legality. Invested by Commercial League, in order to get started, the ‘Mama and I’ children’s hospital will be dutifully ‘regulated’ by the state, and the operation will be ‘funded’ by the (state-run) NHIF. All do believe and should believe in our ethics and the high ethics of responsibility we have assumed without succumbing to insinuations and malicious suggestions.

On the other hand, because of the manipulative attempts to claim that ‘Mama and I’ has the claim to displace the National Children’s Hospital project, even though we have explicitly and repeatedly stated otherwise, through hostile, incompetent, unprovoked and openly malicious comments by individuals, driven solely by their own parochial interests, most of whom have never done anything for the public good, Commercial League does not intend to discuss with them the financial, technological, medical and research aspects of its noble ‘Mama and I’ Sofia project.

For the information of the unenlightened and the greedy for unaccountable government subsidies, of the top 10 children’s hospitals in the world in clinical and research performance – none are government-run, whether labelled ‘national’ or ‘university’ or often even ‘city’: labels don’t cure.

If they were the genuinely concerned parents, competent professionals, public servants and patriots they want to portray themselves as, these commentators, whether MPs, civil servants or self-employed, would instantly embrace the ‘Mama and I’ project in Sofia as sorely needed for many years, not to cancel but to support the state’s creation of a National Children’s Hospital – some fine day in the future!

Just for a good-natured, benevolent and indeed very competent discussion with doctors and specialists who put children and patients first, we are ready to open our doors wide.

Everything else, for now, has been said in ‘The Meeting’ (see in Bulgarian): 24 часа; Епицентър; WebCafe; Блиц; Фактор; Дарик; Флагман; Плевен Прес; Плевен за Плевен; Дарик Плевен; Конкурент; Борба; Шумен; Варна.


International Press Center of Commercial League