For more than 10 years Tihomir Kamenov has been the only Bulgarian participant in the World Economic Forum in Davos

For the 11th consecutive year Tihomir Kamenov is the only Bulgarian attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. WEF is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1971. by economics professor Klaus Schwab. Each year, during the event, are held meetings of world business and political leaders, intellectuals and journalists who discuss current global issues and seek solutions together.

In 2004 in Warsow, on the occasion of the accession of the first ten Eastern and Central European countries to the EU, Kamenov received a formal invitation to join the forum, sent personally by the founder, Professor Klaus Schwab.

The thematic focus of the 45th consecutive World Economic Forum is “The new global context.” This year, world leaders will seek answers to key issues of global concern in the following thematic areas: “Crises & Cooperation”; “Development & Stability”; “Innovation & Industry”; “Society & Security”. The aim is through the exchange of experience of experts from various sectors of the economy, to develop initiatives and activities required to meet the current dynamic changes associated with significant political, economic, social and primarily technological effects that change our lives, communities and institutions worldwide.

Quickly overcoming geographical, gender and generational differences among the participants of the forum emerges a global powerhouse, combining the best from traditional hierarchy to network communication.

World Economic Forum 2015 is officially opened today and will continue until January 24.