Commercial League is once again a strong participant in the prestigious Ambrosetti Forum

The 48th edition of the Ambrosetti International Economic Forum begins in Cernobbio, Italy. At its annual autumn and spring sessions, the think tank brings together heads of state, ministers, representatives of European institutions, business people and experts from around the world to discuss important issues for the development of the economy and society.

Some of the main topics to be discussed this September are “Future Global Challenges and Impacts on Business”; “Scientific and Technological Developments”; “Society of the Future – How Will We Live and Interact in the Future?”; “The Green Deal in a Post-Pandemic Scenario”; “Growth and Competitiveness: recovery plans and growth perspectives”. Among the leading participants are José Manuel Barroso, Paolo Gentiloni, Mike Pompeo (who arrives in Italy directly after his visit to Sofia), the President of Azerbaijan – Ilham Aliyev, European Commissioner for Trade Valdis Dombrovskis, US Senators, academics, numerous academics and other political and public figures. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will take part in the forum.

For over 15 years, the only Bulgarian representative and a strong participant at the prestigious forum has been the chairman of Commercial League’s corporate group – Tihomir Kamenov.