Commercial League celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Founded 30 years ago on 12.12.1991, Commercial League – National Pharma Center (now Global Pharma Center) has grown and established itself throughout the difficult transition to democracy and a market economy as a leading investor and interest-free lender to Bulgarian national healthcare.

The group of companies, of which a number of the country’s leading healthcare and insurance companies are part, is today widely recognized as a legendary innovator with a mission to improve and prolong the lives of the country’s people and reduce mortality from chronic and other socially significant diseases, enhance the quality of life for all and secure a peaceful old age for people in their golden years.

From the comprehensive distribution and supply of medicines and medical supplies to all Bulgarian hospitals and pharmacies during the first 15 transitional years of shortages and instability, with Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines the activities of the company group expanded to the development and modern Bulgarian production of affordable medicines. Modern plants in Varna and Plovdiv are operating at full capacity to provide medications for millions of patients in Bulgaria, and a third major plant in Sofia is being built to produce polypills for a range of, mostly chronic, diseases – part of the lives of tens of millions of Europeans.

For almost four years, Tchaikapharma (ticker THQM) has been the most expensive company by market capitalisation on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, worth over one billion leva, with hundreds of satisfied shareholders.

Since 2007, over 2.3 million patients have been diagnosed and treated at the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute – the “palaces of health” ‘Heart and Brain’, the 5 specialized cardiology hospitals and 15 medical centers. With the construction of the high-tech, specialized and multidisciplinary active treatment hospitals in Pleven and Burgas, side by side, Bulgarian and European doctors are reaching unique skills and capabilities, such as bloodless operations with the only Gamma Knife in the Balkans for the removal of tumors and metastases in the brain (Pleven) and through multidisciplinary robotic surgery (Pleven and Burgas) in 5 medical specialties.

In just two years in the ‘small’ ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas more than 1300 heart surgeries have been performed and thousands of lives have been saved, and since mid-November 2021 the hospital has started work in a new ultra-modern building, awarded first prize at the National Competition “Building of the Year 2021” in the category “Social Infrastructure and Special Purpose Buildings – Healthcare Buildings”. It will not be long before this quality and expertise will be available in Sofia.

Last year, the prestigious international business ranking of SeeNews awarded Insurance Company ‘DallBogg: Life and Health’ among the top 30 best insurers in South-East Europe. On the eve of its 30th birthday, Commercial League welcomed the launch of the youngest company in the group – Pension Assurance Company DallBogg: Life and Health – the first licensed in the country in the last 12 years with fully paid-up share capital. Its three licensed and registered funds – Universal, Professional and Supplementary – are now working tirelessly to create a secure and predictable financial environment and a peaceful everyday life and secured future for all Bulgarians.

The team wishes Commercial League longevity and to serve as an example through its investments in Bulgaria!

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