Who we are

Commercial League is a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, market research and intelligence organization and medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare communicator established under the Law on Medicines and Pharmacies in Human Medicine (LMPHM). The company supplies all types of medicines registered in Bulgaria to healthcare institutions throughout the country.

The full name of the legal entity is Commercial League National Pharma Center Inc. The company is usually referred to as Commercial League. We were registered with the Sofia City Court Trade Register under registry number 28154 in early 1991, with office address at One G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., 1172 Sofia, Bulgaria.

What would it be like if I join?

You will be thrown into the action from day one. We believe in ongoing training for our staff in daily work as well as through the many training programs and overseas courses we organize and fund.

What this means for you

As a potential employee, it is important for you to work for an open, flexible, […]

Our culture

Commercial League’s corporate culture is based on its accomplishments. We have established a tradition of […]

Strict adherence to the rule of law

By following the practices listed above, Commercial League has managed to take and maintain the […]