We have a strong reputation as an innovative and competent company with a notable stance on hot issues in Bulgarian healthcare, which has earned us high recognition from medical professionals and the public. Today Commercial League is the leader in modernity and market dynamics, shaping the future of the sector.

We follow our inherent impetus to seek to obtain and retain a competitive advantage through new products and services, constantly fostering its integration. Our leadership in terms of advocating relief on targeting pharmaceuticals for national cost-containment measures is established (see the View of Commercial League National Pharma Center on the Recent Cost-Cutting Effort). Further support of such continuous leadership provide promotion and sales of new pharmaceuticals and healthcare communication that rests on a forward-looking corporate culture unknown in our geographic area: determined, progressive and performing.

Together with Tchaikapharma (www.tchaikapharma.com), Commercial League empploys more than 140 highly qualified medical representatives throughout Bulgaria who have fostered excellent relations with medical professionals, regulators (the Regional Healthcare Centers with the Ministry of Health) and communities at large.

These relationships with the medical community have been fortified by the events organized by Commercial League such as symposia, conferences, road shows, National Cardiac Days and more. These conferences and gatherings have always enjoyed wide attendance, turning into memorable discussions and remarkable moments shared by many keen healthcare professionals and led by eminent experts and professors of medicine from all over the world.

Commercial League retains a loyal customer base, runs the most sophisticated customer and partner relationship management system in the country, based on customized SAP P/3 platform. We reach more than 3,000 pharmacies, 350 hospitals, university centers and outpatient policlinics.