What this means for you

As a potential employee, it is important for you to work for an open, flexible, and law-abiding company for three reasons. Firstly, you can take pride in the honesty of the organization you represent. Secondly, you will not be held back by bureaucratic stagnation or the chaotic and haphazard decision-making typical for companies without a clear internal order or established culture. And thirdly, you will benefit from the company’s firm defense of its employees’ proper actions in the courts of law and through arbitration.

The concept of law-abiding and our own corporate culture are based in the ideas of equity and openness – of fair distribution of rights and duties as well as a clear set of expectations – which enable productive business activity.

We make no compromise with the rule of law and we apply solid operational standards drawing on various disciplines – from legal argumentation to the scientific method – to solve everyday problems. This is true as regards our dealings with external entities as well as within our structure. If, as an employee, you have a logical, well-founded and well-researched idea or argument and an honest attitude, you will always be given the full attention of our management – whether it is to propose an idea you have or to defend a decision.