Strict adherence to the rule of law

By following the practices listed above, Commercial League has managed to take and maintain the leadership position in Bulgarian healthcare through years of instability and cataclysms. Despite such periods of uncertainty and constant changes in Bulgarian legislation, Commercial League has always followed the law strictly. We have always relied on skilled in-house lawyers whose responsibilities include helping to monitor the company’s activity, ensuring that the company or its employees not overstep the boundaries of law. The management seeks the lawyers’ opinion on important managerial actions.

Our corporate approach in legal matters is to take heed of expert advice and keep the company’s actions within the law. As anyone who knows our history can see, this approach has not always made us popular, and has led directly or indirectly to several milestone disputes that ended with court or arbitration verdicts and out-of-court settlements.

We unequivocally won all of these disputes.