Is CL right for me

If you have a passion to make a difference on a large scale and you want to develop your skills and your career by hard work in a stimulating environment, then Commercial League is for you.

We ask you to stop to think for a moment and make an objective evaluation of your competence before giving an affirmative answer or succumbing to serious doubts.

Your academic credentials and work experience are important to us – we want to see that you have a solid basis of skills – but what is more important is your attitude, the way you think, your work ethic and career goals.

Working with us is not for everyone. It is for the passionate and intelligent individuals who want to make a real difference for the better in the lives of the people we provide healthcare for or supply with medicinal products day in and day out.

We demand devotion, passion and initiative from our colleagues. The opportunities to thrive, abound as well. Your advancement depends on the quality of your work and especially on the projects developed and implemented.

The most important thing you need to know about us is that working with us is guaranteed to enrich your skills and experiences. As a part of a strong, growing, knowledgeable and innovative organization you will be surrounded by capable, ambitious people you can learn from.

At Commercial League, you will see tangible results from your work.

Medical Representative Candidates
  • For example, our medical representatives have had impressive success in building and maintaining relationships with prescribing specialists and general practitioners established through the thorough training and education we provide for them. We have designed and developed a proprietory training program for medical representatives which continues on a weekly basis throughout their work with seminars and tests.

    As new information about a product or the marketing of a product becomes available, we would communicate this to the medical representatives in special seminars and meetings, having sent links and references about it in advance. Intelligence reported back from visits by medical representatives would be shared among the other medical representatives at meetings. Thus our medical representatives and salesforce is always kept informed and prepared.

A day in the life of an accountant
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    My name is Bozhidar Muchakov and I am the Chief Accountant of Commercial League. I have worked as an accountant for more than 20 years now. I have a Master degree in Accountancy from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, cum laude.

    My responsibilities include:
    – Doing the accounting work at Commercial League
    – Developing the financial reporting of the Company Group
    – Coordinating the work of the whole Accounting Dept of >20 people
    – Directly reporting to the senior management

    I constantly refer to the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), also the tax and insurance laws of Bulgaria. My work involves constant follow-up of the current standards and complete awareness of the changes.
    The company ensures my professional development by organizing training in IAS, IFRS, the VAT Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act and the Personal Income Tax Act by means of qualified lecturers either on site, or at the Institute for Expert Accountants.
    My workday is dynamic, it involves frequent travels to the offices of the National Revenue Agency and the auditors. While at the office of Commercial League, I monitor the work of my colleagues and I provide them with full cooperation. We always work in a team and we take the decisions together. When one likes their work, it is not so hard to find the right solution.