Poised for Growth

In the last two decades, our business model has been working to make the companies within the group a most productive sales generator and market penetrator in crisis-stricken, partly paralysed and lagging behind technologically Europe.

In terms of competitiveness and patient & client satisfaction, or by capital adequacy in the insurance sector Commercial League largely outperforms the competition.

We have promoted medical education and developed continued training programs for doctors, enhanced the qualification of medical specialists and implemented therapy and dissemination of scientific and research projects.

We have proven our resilience against unwarranted attacks from competitors and delivered unrivaled returns on a series of large investment. Most importantly, Commercial League has helped to make substantial improvements in Bulgaria and the Balkans’ healthcare and saved thousands of lives in the course of our development. Placement of insurance products in 17 EU member markets is expanding. This business model is unprecedented in the history of European business and based on our record of success, we are poised to grow even further in the future.