2004 – 2005


Commercial League National Pharma Center is the fastest growing player in the field of new patients recruitment. Hence it becomes the partner of choice for conducting market studies and intelligence, and particularly visible for the marketing campaigns of a number of multinational companies’ patent-protected products.

CL achieves 70% market share of diabetes market for sanofi~aventis products

After the involvement of Commercial League in the diabetes campaign for sanofi~aventis, sales results are catapulted to three-digit growth for Insuman® in less than a year, paving the way for the well-known success of Lantus®’s launch. As a consequence, sanofi~aventis gains a 70% share of the new patients market.

CL becomes a market leader in multiple sclerosis pharmaceutical marketing and distribution

In less than three years after signing with Schering AG (now Bayer Schering Pharma AG), Commercial League Group becomes the leader in the field of multiple sclerosis by jointly marketing & distributing over 90% of the MS supply.

Mandate Agreement with Aventis Internatiоnal

Commercial League took over the marketing and promotion for record growth of Taxotere and Campto followed by decisive market entry of Eloxatine and Anzemet.

Commercial League doubles sales for two AstraZeneca products

The company signs a Promotion Service Agreement with AstraZeneca for the marketing of Seroquel®. Sales double in less than a year and Seroquel® climbs to the number one spot in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. A similar result is achieved for Symbicort® in the field of asthma and COPD.

New oncology products included in the Ministry of Health Tenders

Marketing agreement with Novartis confirmed and new oncology products included in the publicly financed Ministry of Health tenders.

Charity aid reaches € 350,000

In the same period, Commercial League is engaged in a number of new charity and social initiatives. The company takes part in the Bulgarian Christmas campaign organized by President Georgi Parvanov by providing over € 25,000 to more than a thousand people in need living in 50 institutions, with the media support of the leading daily newspaper “Trud.” Furthermore, Commercial League makes numerous other charity donations in this period, totaling at € 350,000 and including the following:

  • donation for the children of Beslan, North Ossetia;
  • donation to the Bulgarian Red Cross for the needs of people living in flood-stricken regions in Bulgaria;
  • donation to the urologic clinic at First Municipality Hospital in Sofia;
  • donation to the Vratsa church for the poor children of the city.


Commercial League National Pharma Center is awarded an honorary badge for special contribution to the development of Varna municipality.