1996 – 1997

Unprecedented growth: Distribution giant led by example in Bulgarian crisis

At this point, the company is importing pharmaceuticals from more than 80 manufacturers from Europe, Asia, America and Australia. 30 consignment warehouses are being operated, later growing to more than 50. Readily available medicines and twice-daily deliveries are the key to this sweeping success. The company supplies over 2,000 pharmacies out of the 2,600 pharmacies registered in Bulgaria.

Innovative marketing strategy

Commercial League develops and implements a marketing strategy for market share increase through expansion of the range of additional services. At the core of this strategy are the unique programs Personal Sales, Professional Information Services and Urgent Deliveries. These programs are introduced to satisfy the increasing customer demand generated chiefly from privately-owned retail pharmacies. Commercial League marks a serious progress in hospital marketing and learns a lot from the cooperation with Fresenius Pharma.

Providing jobs in tough times

In spite of the difficult economic situation, the company continues to increase the number of jobs for young and qualified personnel, implementing a modern warehouse program for automated operation accounting and maintaining a product list of more than 2,500 positions.

First state-of-the-art automated order-picking system

In our Sofia warehouse, Commercial League successfully implements the only state-of-the-art installation for automated picking of orders in CEE and the first system for electronic control of product picking in the country.

The fast growing company becomes Commercial League National Pharma Center Inc

In light of the significant expansion of the company’s activities, now spread over the whole territory of the country, the end of 1997 sees a change in the company name to Commercial League National Pharma Center Inc. This name continues to be a reflection of our reputation and achievements to this day, as the company is involved in significant national programs and activities in the field of healthcare at large.