1994 – 1995

Developing a sales system

Commercial League traces a new strategic objective – to cover the entire pharmaceutical market and take a leadership position in it – and to this end develops an active sales system based on everyday telephone contact with the firm’s clients.

Becoming the leader in the hospital supply market

The company soon establishes itself as a leader in the hospital market, expanding its product list to include the necessary range of pharmaceutical products for in-hospital patient treatment and specialized care. The German pharmaceutical company Fresenius AG is introduced by Commercial League and soon comes out as the market leader in infusion therapy and intensive nutrition.

Successful participation in the Ministry tenders

Commercial League participates actively and successfully in Ministry of Health’s tenders for life-saving medicine deliveries and non-registered pharmaceuticals import.

Import and distribution agreements with large multinationals

Several import and distribution agreements are concluded with large multinational pharmaceutical companies. A fruitful and long-term cooperation with F. Hoffmann-La Roche begins while the development Commercial League’s national structure continues.