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International lawyer Tihomir D Kamenov founded Commercial League National Pharma Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1991. Twenty three years later, Commercial League is thriving as an iconoclastic medicine supplier for Bulgarians, an indigenous growth story and a rarely seen innovative healthcare company in the region and in Europe as a whole.

Commercial League is recognized as the only Bulgarian participant in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and featured as a Balkan success story in many international publications and business rankings. For more information, please see here and here. Most importantly, through the years of entrepreneurial innovation, the company has brought quality healthcare services and products to millions of Bulgarians.

Commercial League is an authentic story of entrepreneurial success achieved through passion and hard work, starting from scratch in 1990 and growing to an employer of 1,200 people in 2014. This can best be understood in the context of the times and through the unique characteristics of the person at the core of the company’s attitude and values.

In the times of turbulent change following the historic events of 1989, three types of people and institutions emerged as prevailing in post-communist Bulgaria — “old communist money and power,” often legitimized through corrupt privatizations; “money and power from abroad” – not necessarily from the West. And then, there were the few self-starters, like Kamenov: European graduates and out-of-the-box thinkers, who succeeded by using their vision and skills. Commercial League has recognized and addressed the unmet needs of the changing society and built sustainable business models.

In the austerity years of the early 1990s, many people sought better life overseas, others struggled to support their families and find career growth. Still others, however, driven by a desire to take control of their lives and the country’s future, took action and opened business ventures – many, regrettably, with a deserved reputation for untrustworthy practices, bust also many intelligent and honest hard-working enterprises. Due to various pressures, few of these companies have survived until today, 23 years later, and even fewer are at a size or expertise level considerable enough to rival the state-backed or foreign enterprises.

This is our story, the story of how Commercial League was founded through one man’s vision and hard work and how it has evolved, with the help of many talented people, into competitive company on a world level. Today, Commercial League is the most significant Bulgarian-owned enterprise in healthcare – providing quality healthcare for millions of Bulgarians, first-class services for its partners and offering careers for thousands of talented professionals.

Commercial League has never privatized state-owned pharmacies, plants or a hospital.

This is also the story of a country, its historical legacy, the health of its people and the universal struggle for better life and better health.