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Corporate history

International lawyer Tihomir D Kamenov founded Commercial League National Pharma Center in 1991. Twenty-eight years later, Commercial League is thriving as an iconoclastic medicine supplier for the Bulgarians, an indigenous growth story and a rarely seen innovative healthcare company in the region and in Europe as a whole.

From the outset, Kamenov has set the purpose to transform the health care and health insurance model both from bottom up and influence the change from top down. It was clear 30 years ago as it is still valid today all across the Globe from the post “Obama Care” in the US to “Health China 2030” Presidential Program and in leading Europe that improving quality and securing wide access while controlling the imploding costs are the cornerstones of the healthcare systems transformation. For the founder of Commercial League it was utterly clear that top-down legislative solutions alone cannot fix the post-communist wasteful and misdirected system. His  authentic story of entrepreneurial innovation and success achieved through passion and hard work, starting from scratch in 1990 and growing to an employer of 1,600 people in 2019, became a trailblazer of all-encompassing care, which is massively recognised as a standard fare in many governmental programs and prospectuses. This can best be understood in the context of the times (click here) and through the unique characteristics of the person at the core of the company’s growth concept and values.

Commercial League is recognized as the only Bulgarian participant in the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland and featured as a Balkan success story in many international publications and business rankings (click here).